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8.8 km




149 m


70 %

country roads

30 %

Entrance to circuit

Mikulov, Klentnice

Marked roads

5044, Moravská vinná


Mikulov, Klentnice

Please note

The part of the trail running across the allotment gardens below Klentnice is not marked.

Good to know

In the village of Klentnice is a listed wayside shrine, the Church of St. George, a presbytery and statues of St. Florian and John of Nepomuk.

height profile

222 m 218 m

Circuit points

Mikulov - ul. Bezručova
Kočičí skála
Jeskyně na Turoldu

Tips and historical sites along the way

Klentnice – visit of the Church of St. George in the village. Rising over it is the freely accessible ruins of ´Sirotčí hrádek´ (Orphans’ castle). The castle was built on two rocky segments in the late 13th and early 14th centuries.

The Cat Rock – protected natural monument alongside the Mikulov – Klentnice road. There are twelve specially protected plant species growing here. Easily accessible.

Turold – the streets Dukelská and Hliniště in Mikulov lead to the Turold Caves. Together with the Fox Hole Cave, they extend over an area of 2.9 km cave corridors. Turold Hill on the edge of Mikulov was designated as a nature reserve.

Mikulov – Klentnice – Mikulov

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