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11.6 km




164 m


50 %

country roads

50 %

Entrance to circuit

Mikulov, Sedlec, Mušlov

Marked roads

41, EV9, EV13, Mikulovská, Greenway Prague–Vienna, the blue trail


Mikulov, Sedlec, Mušlov

Please note

Road 40 (Mikulov-Břeclav direction) must be crossed at New Pond before Sedlec.

Good to know

The trail marked blue will take you across vineyards as far as the wine cellars in Mikulov.

height profile

217 m 217 m

Circuit points

Mikulov - Náměstí
Sedlec - Nový rybník
Mikulov - Náměstí

Tips and historical sites along the way

Sedlec – here you can see the Church of St. Vitus and the Portz Villa, the construction of the latter having been ordered by Cardinal Dietrichstein, along with an ornamental garden and a game preserve. The villa was connected to the Mikulov Chateau by a brick bridge and about 2 km long alley of chestnut trees.

Mušlov – is part of Mikulov. When you get to the hill top, you can relish beautiful views over the region. Pálava, Sedlec ponds, Valtice and Lednice can be viewed. The Old Sandpit near Mušlov Pond contains some fossils of molluscs and sea urchins.

Mikulov – Sedlec – Mušlov – Mikulov

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