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Mikulov – Nový Přerov – Wildendürnbach – Pottenhofen – Mikulov


29.6 km




235 m


90 %

country roads

10 %

Entrance to circuit

Mikulov, Březí, Dobré Pole, Nový Přerov, Wildendürnbach, Pottenhofen

Marked roads

41, EV9, Greenway Prague–Vienna, EV13, Hallo Nachbar


Březí, Nový Přerov, Mikulov, Wildendürnbach

Please note

In Mikulov, international route 52 must be crossed using the pedestrian crossing near the roundabout at Billa.

Good to know

The top of Galgenberg offers fantastic views of the surrounding area.

height profile

418 m 423 m

Circuit points

Mikulov - Náměstí
Dobré Pole
Nový Přerov
Mikulov - Náměstí

Tips and historical sites along the way

Nový Přerov – the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, originally a chapel which was rebuilt and extended in its present form.

Galgenberg – 256 m high hill is situated about 1 km away from the village of Wildendürnbach. It owes its name to a gallows which stood there until 1828. The hill is covered by vineyards and wine cellars at three elevations. A little tower rises at its very top.

Pottenhofen – an Austrian wine village with plenty of scenic spots.

Mikulov – Nový Přerov – Wildendürnbach – Pottenhofen – Mikulov

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