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1.5 km




44 m


100 %

country roads

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The beginning of the path

in the vicinity of the Dietrichstein Crypt

Number of stops

5 information panels


the trail is accessible all year round

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Good to know

The use of the word “Haban” for the Baptists only caught on later in Slovakia. The Baptists themselves considered it derogatory as it had an insulting subtext.

height profile

44 m 9 m

Important points on the path

Panel 1
Panel 2
Dřevěná socha
Panel 3
Panel 4
Panel 5

Tips on the path

This trail and its five panels will acquaint you with the short but fruitful period when the Anabaptists settled in Mikulov in 1526. You can find the opening panel on the trail right in the centre of town in the vicinity of the Dietrichstein Crypt. The trail will lead you along the town streets. It is 1.5 kilometres long, and is easily accessible and undemanding. The educational trail was established by the Town of Mikulov in 2014 as part of the cross-border project “In the Footsteps of the Anabaptists”, co-financed by the European Union.

Your invitation to the educational trail “In the Footsteps of the Anabaptists”

Panel 1 – The arrival of the Anabaptists
Panel 2 – The Hutterian Brethren
Panel 3 – Economic activity
Panel 4 – Proclaimed Hutterite crafts
Panel 5 – The expulsion of the Moravian Anabaptists

The educational trail “In the Footsteps of the Anabaptists”

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