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27 m


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country roads

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The beginning of the path

Mikulov Chateau, continuing to the Old Customs House

Number of stops

a total of 6 stops and 22 panels, the first panel is devoted to the Poles, you can find another 7 commemorative panels with the names of victims at the Memorial to the Victims of the Iron Curtain


the trail is accessible all year round for walking and cycling (there is a pedestrian zone in the centre of town)

Path type

walking, cycling

Good to know

height profile

27 m 102 m

Important points on the path

Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3
Stop 4
Stop 5
Stop 6

Tips on the path

The Freedom Trail was established to commemorate the courageous people who did not hesitate to resolve the situation facing them with acts of courage for which they often paid with their own lives. The trail begins at the Chateau Courtyard in Mikulov, where the bell christened the Liberty Bell has been hung and where you can find an information map. The trail then leads to the site of the former border service road (the “signal road”) where a wire barricade stood until 1989. You will find the first information panel on the trail, devoted to the Poles, by the Old Customs House. Another thirteen panels will acquaint you with the fates, happy or unhappy, of a number of other people. The last stopping point on the trail is the Memorial to the Victims of the Iron Curtain, where you will find descriptive information panels. You can find more information about the Freedom Trail at

Your invitation to the Freedom Trail

Stop 1
Mikulov Chateau – The Liberty Bell, map

Stop 2
Commemorative panel devoted to the Poles
Polish citizens who died at the borders on their path to freedom

Stop 2
Panels 1, 2, 3
In the Footsteps of the Wall of Death, Place of Hope and Disappointment, Tank of Freedom

Stop 3
Panels 4, 5, 6
Frog Man, Death of a Trafficker, Attention! Border Zone

Stop 4
Panels 7, 8
Bird Man, Under the Coal and across the Curtain

Stop 5
Panels 9, 10, 11, 12
Unfortunate Excursion, Three Dead Youths, View to Freedom, Tragic Flight

Stop 6
Monument to the Victims of the Iron Curtain, panels
Panel 13
Moles under the Curtain
3 commemorative panels
53 killed on the South Moravian section of the Iron Curtain of the former Znojmo Brigade
4 commemorative panels
Killed at the Czechoslovak Iron Curtain 1948–1989

The Freedom Trail

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