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1.4 km




89 m


100 %

country roads

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The beginning of the path

in the street Alfonse Muchy

Number of stops

a total of 16 stops by important houses and other buildings – 10 historical houses, the Upper Synagogue, the ceremonial hall, the Jewish Cemetery, Stolperstein, Lormovo Square, 3 information panels with information about the educational trail and Lázeňské Square


the trail is accessible all year round on foot only

Path type

asphalt, pavement, earthen path in the Jewish Cemetery

Good to know

height profile

51 m 59 m

Important points on the path

Stop 1
Stop 2
Stop 3
Panel 4
Stop 5
Stop 6
Panel 1
Stop 7
Stop 8
Stop 9
Stop 10
Stop 11
Stop 12
Stop 13
Panel 2
Stop 14
Stop 15
Panel 3
Stop 16

Tips on the path

You will find a total of 16 stops on the Educational Trail through the Jewish Quarter, which is around 1.5 km long. These stops take in important houses, the synagogue, the ritual baths or mikveh, the Jewish cemetery and the ceremonial hall. Many of the surviving houses have architectural features typical of Jewish houses, for which reason half of the buildings that are still standing today have been declared a cultural heritage site. The trail commemorates the important period from the middle of the 15th century onwards, when the part of Mikulov in the immediate vicinity of Chateau Hill was settled by a Jewish population which gradually developed into an extensive Jewish ghetto centred on the streets known today as Husova, Alfonse Muchy and Brněnská. A number of the houses of the original Jewish population from the middle of the 16th century have survived in spite of extensive demolition at various times in the past.

Your invitation to the educational trail through the Jewish Quarter

Panel 1 – Sights in the Jewish Quarter in Mikulov – educational trail
Panel 2 – Lázeňské Náměstí
Panel 3 – Sights in the Jewish Quarter in Mikulov – educational trail
Stop 1 – The Upper Synagogue
Stop 2 – The House at Husova 30
Stop 3 – The House at Husova 32
Stop 4 – The House at Husova 48
Stop 5 – The House at Husova 50
Stop 6 – The House at Husova 52
Stop 7 – The House at Alfonse Muchy 18 – 20
Stop 8 – The House at Husova 9
Stop 9 – Stolpersteine
Stop 10 – The House at Husova 8 – Hotel Tanzberg
Stop 11 – The House at Husova 4
Stop 12 – Lormovo Náměstí
Stop 13 – The House at Brněnská 9 
Stop 14 – The Ceremonial Hall
Stop 15 – The Jewish Cemetery
Stop 16 – The Mikveh

The Educational Trail through the Jewish Quarter

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