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10.7 km




601 m


0 %

country roads

100 %

The beginning of the path

you can start the trail from any point in the reserve; the information panels on the educational trail do not need to be visited in any particular order

Number of stops

15 information panels and 3 maps


the trail is accessible for hiking all year round

Path type

on foot only

Good to know

height profile

601 m 533 m

Important points on the path

Information panel
Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3
Information panel
Panel 4
Panel 5
Panel 6
Panel 7
Panel 8
Information panel
Panel 9
Panel 10
Panel 11
Panel 11
Information panel
Panel 13
Panel 14
Panel 15

Tips on the path

The route of the educational trail “Děvín” leads through the national nature reserve Děvín-Kotel-Soutěska. The information panels along the trail will acquaint you with the flora and fauna of thermophilic oak woods, rocky steppes, scree forests, cliffs and rocky slopes, and grassy and meadow steppes. The trail also considers the history of Děvičky Castle and the overall progression of the settlement of the locality, as well as the geological and geomorphological structure of the Pavlov Hills. The trail is comprised of three interlinking circuits with a number of diversions to information panels located away from the main route. You do not have to visit these panels in numerical order. If you are planning to walk the entire trail, make sure you leave yourself plenty of time, as it may take between four and six hours.

Your invitation to the educational trail “Děvín”

Information panel 3x
Panel 1 – Protection of nature and the landscape
Panel 2 – Thermophilic oak woods
Panel 3 – Rocky steppes
Panel 4 – The history of Děvičky Castle
Panel 5 – The oak and hornbeam forests on the north-eastern slopes
Panel 6 – Forest management in the past and present
Panel 7 – Scree forests
Panel 8 – Geological structure and geomorphology
Panel 9 – Cliffs and rocky slopes
Panel 10 – Pastures and their maintenance
Panel 11 – Invasive plants
Panel 12 – Game keeping in the reserve
Panel 13 – Man in the landscape
Panel 14 – Grassy and meadow steppes
Panel 15 – Water management beneath Pálava

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