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Exhibitions of Viticulture

The new viticulture exposition of the Regional Museum in Mikulov consists of three parts: the Chateau Cellar with the greatest rarity of the museum – the giant wine cask dating from 1643, the “Traditional Viticulture in Moravia" and finally the gallery of historic worm presses.

Regional Museum in Mikulov offers a permanent exhibition of viticulture, currently consisting of three sections:

  • Sample imageChateau cellar with the remarkable giant barrel, dating from 1643 and belonging to the largest in Europe with its volume of about 1014 hectolitres (135 thousand bottles).
  • ”Traditional Viticulture in Moravia“ informs about history of vine growing, wine production and vineyards instruments.
  • “Gallery of Wooden Presses“ introduces examples of historic vine presses from South Moravia and Western Slovakia.

More information:

Photo gallery - Wine exhibition RMM