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National nature reserve


Děvín is the highest peak in the Pavlov Hills, the Mikulov Highlands and the whole of the South Moravian Carpathians and reaches an altitude of 550 m. Its top also holds the Děvičky castle ruin (this is not true, Děvín is in the middle and the Děvičky castle is at the northern edge above Pavlov). The territory was announced protected area as early as in 1946. In the relatively small area many alpine species (such as large blossom sand flower, with the single occurrence in the Czech Republic in this territory) meet with steppe plants (such as low iris, with the largest population of the whole Czech Republic in this place). The fauna is represented by the rate Saga grasshopper or the green lizard. As for birds, in addition to hoopoe the territory is a nesting place for eagle owl. The territory was partly damaged with the past breeding of goats and mouflons.

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390,93 ha


220 - 555 m

The area is protected from

10. 5. 1946

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