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National nature reserve

Tabulová (Table Mountain)

The national nature reserve Tabulová, Růžový Vrch and Kočičí Kámen was abolished in 2014 and the new national nature reserve Tabulová, consisting of Table Mountain and Růžový vrch, declared in its place on part of the area. The nature reserve is situated north of Mikulov. At the foot and slopes of Stolová hora [Table Mountain] (458 m above sea level) there is a turf steppe with a lot of rare plants (such as Abyssinian salvia, with the only occurrence in the Czech Republic here, large blossom pasqueflower, Lumnitzer´s Pálava carnation, rock and sand iris, Ivan ´s feather grass, golden-headed lily etc.). The invertebrates are represented by common stag beetle, field cricket, or webworm. Mammals are represented for example by field hamster. The top of Růžový hill offers a number of Karst phenomena, such as drills and weathered Karst windows. The rock steppes include for example blue sesleria, rockfoil, Baden meadow grass etc. The steppe terraces offer goldmoss stonecrop, white stonecrop and houseleek. The northern and northwestern forest slopes bloom in early spring snowdrop. Another typical feature of the reserve is occurrence of steppe invertebrates (such as blue-winged locust, praying mantis etc.). The bushes include nests of butcher-bird, Wallachian warbler, forest warbler, wild turtledove, common nightingale, and more. The two steep cliffs of the Růžový hilltop are crowned with the Sirotčí hrádek castle ruin.

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108,38 ha


288 - 458 m

The area is protected from

29. 7. 2014

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