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Nature monuments

Kočičí skála (Cat Rock)

The nature monument called Kočičí skála [Cats´ Rock] (361 m above sea level) is situated about 2 km north of Mikulov. It is a small limestone rock, with hedge parsley populating the fissures. While the western slope of the cliff is covered with meadow steppe with tor grass, the eastern slope is mostly covered with themophillic bushes.

The north-western slope of the rock is the only existing location with the occurrence of narrow-leaved forget-me-not at the Pálava hills. The locality also offers a couple of protected rare plants such as spring Adonis flower, asters, globe daisy, milk-vetch, narrow-leaved flax, breakstone and Bolognese campanula.

basic information


0,66 ha


345 - 362 m

The area is protected from

1. 1. 1946

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