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Nature reserve

Milovická stráň (Milovice slope)

The typical growth of the Milovická slope includes thermophillic oak woods with varied plant undergrowth, and turf and meadow steppes. The vegetation includes over 200 plant species, such as large blossom pasqueflower, low iris, colourful iris, milk-vetch, large blossom bastard balm, Oman Christ ´s Eye, ground clematis, forest anemone etc. The place is the single locality with the occurrence of one species of broomrape in the Czech lands. The steppe invertebrates include dung beetle. Forest edges are populated with for example stonechat, forest honey buzzard, common wryneck, grey woodpecker, forest pipit etc.

basic information


87,54 ha


198 - 297 m

The area is protected from

1. 7. 1994

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