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The limestone cliff called Šibeničník [Gallows Hill] (238 m above sea level) with the rock and the meadow steppe, is another very interesting geological and botanical locality. The hill in the only part of the Pálava hills with the occurrence of meadow pasqueflower, grey spurge and yarrow. The rocky slopes are covered with small areas of rock steppes with the occurrences of Baden bluegrass, grey fescue and hedge parsley in the rock fissures. The western slopes of the northern hilltop are covered with turf steppe hosting the single population of steppe oatsgrass in Moravia. This species was discovered there by the outstanding Czech botanist Josef Podpěra. The nature reserve is also the home of forest titlark, wryneck, golden oriole and other bird species.

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3,89 ha


200 - 238 m

The area is protected from

10. 5. 1946

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