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Nature reserve


Sample imageThe Turold cliff (385 m above sea level) is formed of Jurassic limestone and upper chalk sediments. Biologists have found there over 250 plant species, including sun rose, Adonis flower, cornflower, pasqueflower, iris etc. Artificially introduced species include sage. A large part of the territory of the present reserve is covered with cultured forest with prevailing black pine, summer oak and ash tree. The locality is known as an important bat wintering location. The regularly nesting bird species include eagle owl, warbler and nightingale. This nature reserve includes a geological park, built during the quarry re-cultivation. You can find there 17 rock blocks from various parts of the country, chosen to represent the widest possible scale of typical representatives of our geological history. Every rock sample is labelled and provided with an occurrence map and a microscope image.

The Turold Cave
The educational trail “Turold”
Geopark Turold

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16,84 ha


300 - 385 m

The area is protected from

10. 5. 1946

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